Food in Bagdogra

Bagdogra is a small rustic town that is known for its pristine natural beauty and splendor and is the perfect town to enjoy a short weekend getaway. What is really nice about this place is that it is untouched by commercial tourism, which means that one can actually escape to experience a secluded holiday. However, this does not mean that Bagdogra is away from civilization and you wouldn’t find interest food in Bagdogra. Travelers are often surprised to find that there are quite a few restaurants and roadside eateries too serving all kinds of local delicacies. Evenings can be well spent enjoying a hot bowl of soup, which is definitely a must considering it can be quite cold at times at this beautiful place. Also, since Bagdogra is situated in the east of the country therefore rice is the staple and an integral part of all the meals.

It is difficult to pinpoint the famous food in Bagdogra but what can be said is that one will find a lot of influence of north-east cuisine and as well as Bengali cuisine. There are also some places that offer different types of Indian delicacies and all that one needs to do is scout a bit and find a good eatery. There are not too many restaurants, however, that doesn’t mean that one cannot find sumptuous Bagdogra food. The few places that are available also serve excellent array of specialties of Bagdogra. There are places that serve not only sumptuous non-vegetarian delights but also vegetarian delights. There are quite a few restaurants that are multi-cuisine in nature and offer excellent food in Bagdogra. Those preferring vegetarian foodin Bagdogra can visit Rasoi that serves delicious array of South Indian and Chinese cuisine while those who cannot do without non-vegetarian can visit Marina’s and Hatari Restaurant.

Ever since Bagdogra has emerged as a popular retreat, this place has started to offer quite a few interesting options in terms of food in Bagdogra. As such it is difficult to pinpoint famous food in Bagdogra but one can definitely get all kinds of interesting foods in this amazing town.

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